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Brazil surpass the mark of 300 thousand deaths due to Covid-19

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

One year after register the first death due to Covid-19, Brazil surpass in the last Wednesday (24) an unfortunate achievement: 300 thousand deaths. The number has been reported by the press alongside the Department of Health one day before the country registered 3 thousand deaths in just 24 hours. 

The numbers remain high one year after the first case was confirmed, however, different from other countries, Brazil never had an official lockdown to decrease the spread of Covid. It’s been confirmed that the ICU is extremely occupied, low supply oxygens and the professionals of health are suffering ‘burnout’ due to the high work demand. Currently many counties such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are applying lockdown measures to avoid the spread starting from this week closing shopping centres, restaurants, schools and suggesting people to work from home remotely. 

It’s been reported that’s 17 million Brazilians received the dose of the first vaccine against Covid-19, which represent 6,08% of the total population. 12 million are referred to the first dose and 4 million to the second. The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, said that the articulation between the Union, states and capitals will help to increase the numbers of people getting the vaccines and stop the spread of Covid-19. Furthermore, the Minister also promised improve the SUS (the Brazilian public hospitals) during this difficult times.

During a meeting yesterday in Brasilia, the President Jair Bolsonaro announced the creation of a committee, alongside governments and senators in order to find measures to fight against the pandemic. Bolsonaro said that 2021 will be “the year of vaccination for Brazilians.”

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