Boxing as a workout for women: An expert’s opinion

Not only are boxer braids a trending hair style nowadays, but when one looks around celebrities’ Instagram or Snapchat profiles, it becomes clear that boxing as a workout for women definitely is a big trend as well. Just look at Shay Mitchell (including boxer braids!) Instagram video below. Or listen to interviews how Victoria Secret Angels get ready for the shows.

But what does boxing do? The Circular talked to Urszula Mydlowska from Poland, a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness at Aston Quay, Dublin and a boxer herself, who says that Boxing is just a full body workout that engages every muscle, people normally don’t use.

Watch this short video, to find out what else she has to say about boxing as a workout for women!


Urszula also said, that in her weight group, there are not enough women to compete against here in Dublin. So if you are interested in taking on boxing, check out boxing schools in your area and take on Urszula at one point!



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