Boxer Sean Creagh Has His Eyes Set On His Come Back Match Post Injury – Interview

Sean Creagh, Photo Credit - Twitter, Sean Creagh (@creaghsy)
Sean Creagh, Photo Credit - Twitter, Sean Creagh(@creaghsy)

Sean Creagh is returning to the ring  after 6 months, following an injury he has a match scheduled on the 27th of May at the National Stadium. The 28 year old Dubliner is under intense training under coach Steven Kavanagh at Kilamanagh. I caught up with him after his training and here is the excerpts from the interview.

Sean Creagh, Photo Credit - Twitter, Sean Creagh (@creaghsy)
Sean Creagh, Photo Credit – Twitter, Sean Creagh

What was your motivation behind taking up Boxing:

I was in Spain for 5 years everybody was into training  and Boxing was a big deal. When I came back home I was 18 stone. I started training and lost weight got in shape and joined an amateur boxing club. Took part in Dublin championships and went to Boston to represent Dublin.  In 2009 during the charity week event the training was intense and lasted 5 weeks. There were no professional fighters there. It was exiting just the walk up to to ring with the crowd cheering behind you was amazing.

The most memorable fight you had in your career so far:

My first fight in my amateur career I got knocked out but it was one of my best fights. I learned a lot from that fight. I learned to keep my hands up and quit sticking my neck out.

What do you take away from the failures:

In the professional game the last match before I went out on injury. I injured myself during training and I could not train for 3 weeks I still went out and fought because I was too proud to bow out. The injury got aggravated, I had to undergo surgery and I had to stay out of the ring for 6 months. That was a big lesson for me sometimes you need to listen to your body.

The first thought that comes in your head when you walk into the ring for a match:

I think a lot of boxers possibly think this. I cant believe I am here it is crazy. But then when you get to the ropes it is just you against another man. It is a great feeling there is a rush and there is no buzz like it.


Sean Creagh, Photo credit -Twitte
Sean Creagh, Photo credit –Twitter 

What do you do besides boxing:

I am a personal trainer and a gym instructor at City West gym and I also do classes at Epic Fitness. I worked really hard to get into shape I weighed a 120 kg when I came back from Spain so I know what it is like and what people go through and I just love helping people achieve their goals in terms of fitness.

What is your training like:

7 hours of training  session after boxing I spend 2 hours at strength and conditioning . it is an hectic schedule but t is great. I love fitness this is my life now.

What are you goals in terms of your Boxing career:

I want to be in the Irish city fights and I want to be in memorable fights. I want people to remember me as Sean and say, yeah I know him I was in one of his matches great fight. Right now I am looking forward to getting back into the ropes and get back on the TV.

Who are your inspiration:

My biggest inspiration is my Mom she is the reason I am here today. She is the one who pushed me after I got back from Spain and my girlfriend she inspires me everyday and supports me. The schedules are tough and it is not easy spending so much time apart.

Sean signs off he is very enthusiastic about getting back into match form and is exited about his come back match after injury on the 27th.

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