Bowie & The Green Gallery: Dermot O’Grady talks running galleries and the music of the man himself

No clichés. Evolution. Music for art and art for music. Whatever David Bowie was doing he never sat on the one chair for long or stood in the same way twice. In his music personas, movie characters, and interview personalities there was a sense of a man who wanted to affect a change in how we saw his music, and in the end it was art.

Sound has a colour and shape, like a painting or sculpture or coffee stain on a manuscript. There is no clear line -some artists just like to dip their fingers in all kinds of paint.

There is a gallery owner in Dublin who has been in the art business for over twenty years, and has a special appreciation for Bowie. His name is Dermot O’Grady, owner of the Green Gallery in Stephen’s Green shopping centre. He gave Bowie an exhibition room with fan made paintings and collectables from the Bowie collection displayed as a tribute to the man, and unfortunately had to pack up at the end of March. Every other part of the walls were given over to the public to write messages and draw their own art. I showed up to investigate the history of the Gallery and how this exhibition came to exist.

I was curious to know what sort of art he likes, and to know more about the kinds of artists he displays at the gallery.

Then we spoke about Bowie.

And finally, the future of art in Ireland.

You can visit Dermot O’Grady’s collection at the


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