Book Review: Pack Up the Moon by Anna McPartlin

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Anna Mc Partlin is an Irish International Best Selling Author and Writer. In, the early nineties she ran an alternative cabaret called Tales of the City in a run down bar on Capel Street. It was, to say the least an eclectic bar, with Dutch torch singer, a folk rock band, and ancient alcoholic queen of monologues, a waitress in drag and of course comedy. Anna was a comedienne for four years where it sparked her passion for storytelling.

Anna’s debut novel Pack up the Moon is a fantastic! Published in 2006, it covers it all, as it moves from exploring passion, love, loss and hope. If you have ever lost a loved one it will also resonate even more so as you identify with each of the characters. Mc Partlin’s style of writing is so clear, crisp and easy to follow that the book almost plays like a movie as you read it.

Pack up the Moon follows the story of twenty-six-year-old Emma, an intelligent normal everyday girl. She lives with her childhood sweetheart John in a nice Dublin apartment. But her mother like many Irish mothers pesters her asking the dreaded question of when will they finally get married. John and Emma don’t feel the rush as their future is full of opportunity.

But in the blink of an eye Emma’s life is turned upside down. Suddenly she finds herself alone.

Clodagh, Emma’s lifelong best friend  is a driven career woman who has never suffered failure unless it’s to do with her love life. The shock of the events has sent the composed Clodagh into a person she never thought she would become. Anne and Richard, are happily married and debating a move to the country. Emma’s brother Noel, a young Catholic priest tries to help Emma as he deals with his own personal crisis. And Sean, John’s best friend, and a vastly different character to John. Is very much a ladies man, known as the man of a thousand one-night stands, without the arrogance, he’s witty and at times downright shocking. He becomes aware of his and Emma’s growing connection.

Emma documents the stories of her friends and her own personal recovery from grief with such raw honesty it engages the reader from the very first page. Each chapter brings a new unpredictable twist, as you watch each character flourish in a new way. This book  will undoubtedly make you cry with both sadness and joy.  By, the end you will feel like you have just lived the life of the characters, and wish that they too were your friends.

Anna McPartlin’s books are avaliable in book shops and online. 

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