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Bon appétit: Delicious Food Recipes With Kiki

everybody loves food, some love home cooked meals and others love eating out either at fast food or restaurants. At The Circular, we understand that not everybody loves to cook or has the time. We have stumbled on a number of talented chef/food vloggers who makes it seem all too easy while sharing recipes in order for us to develop fantastic cooking skills while not breaking bank.

Since we are big food enthusiasts at The Circular, we decided to search for a chef/food enthusiast who happily shares some fine home cooked meal tips and recipes.

Kiki from Kikifoodies was happy to let us in on why she loves creating meals that not only please the eye but tastes good too.

I fell in love with cooking because I have massive food lovers (husband and 3kids) they love to try new things which inspires me to create new recipes. Cooking for me is fun and I usually get help from my family which makes it a thing that brings us together.


You have over 300 posts of cooking tutorials on your instagram page, what would you say is your go-to meal to prepare?

My favorite things to cook is Fried rice. I love to play with different ingredients when making fried rice that’s why I have more than 10 different methods on fried rice. Plus it’s one of my husband’s favorite meals. 

Your page, Kikifoodies has gained 100,000 followers, what is your favorite way of interacting with your followers?

Receiving feedbacks in the form of pictures, messages from people gives me a sense of  purpose. It encourages me to put more recipes out there. Not everyone knows how to cook so It makes me really happy that I’m in a position to help people create amazing meals. My cooking style is very simple. I try to make the process as easy as possible with Maximus reward(very tasty meals).

If you have been inspired by the videos and want to try some of these recipes, head on over to @Kikifoodies for your daily dose of mouth-watering and easy to prepare meals, Bon appétit.

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