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Bitter Kola (Orogbo); The Miracle Nut

Picture showing the bitter kola. Caption by Juju Films flickr

Experts revealed that the bitter kola is very industrial and beneficial to the health of mankind, as it could help in reducing migraine headaches and flushing out of waste in the body system.

The nut comes from a kola tree which is found in the rain forests area in Africa which has a deep brown peel covering it and has a bitter taste.

This nut is used for many things in Africa. In Nigeria it’s used for celebrations. It is given to guest at a christening ceremony, funeral and weddings. This miracle nut is also used for medicinal purposes.
The nut contains caffeine, which gives a similar effect to coffee thereby giving a persons’ metabolism a boost. It also enhances alertness and gives physical energy.

According to Medical News Today, kola nut contains about 2 to 3 percent caffeine and 1 to 2 percent theo bromine, both of which act as stimulants when consumed.

They also revealed that “kola nut may be helpful for people who have migraine headaches. Migraines often affect the blood vessels in the head and caffeine has been used for headache pain. The theo bromine and caffeine contained in the kola nut may dilate or widen blood vessels in the brain, which might decrease migraine pain”

Sarah, who takes the nut whenever she feels she has taken too much junk food, says “I take the kola nut even though it’s better because I know what benefit I derive from it. It helps me use the toilet easily and flush out the rubbish I have taken over a period of time thereby feeling fresh and healthier than I have been.”

The nut has also been known to suppress appetite and hunger which can help with weight loss.

Other function of the nut include it being used as aphrodisiac, as remedy against poison, as a treatment for catarrh and abdominal colicky pain, as an anti- diabetic and as an anti-inflammatory.

Experts advise against taking kola nut if you are allergic to nut, or have problem sleeping because of caffeine present in the nut, or have high blood pressure.

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