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Bin Mint Aero?

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In the run up to Easter, chocolate is bound to be on peoples’ minds more than usual. We’re all busy buying Easter eggs for loved ones and hoping someone gets us the perfect chocolate egg.

Something surprising this Easter has been the aggression directed at the Mint Aero chocolate bar. ‘Mint Aero’ was trending on Twitter after RedOrDead! posted an ultimatum posing the question which chocolate bar would we lose if forced to decide.


“BIG question today. One of these has to go, never to be sold again. What you choosing?” was the caption. The choice was between the following chocolate bars: Mars, Mint Aero, Dairy Milk, Galaxy, Wispa and Daim.

What was surprising was the emotional reaction that followed. It would seem that some people carry a very strong hatred for Mint Aero:


A common thread was that Mint Aero should be thrown “in the bin”. One user even referred to it as “the work of Satan”. Another user claimed it was “a favourite of Heinrich Himmler”.

In response to this hatred, many Twitter users took to defending the chocolate bar.

Others tried to redirect the hatred towards more deserving chocolate bars, such as Turkish Delight and surprisingly, the Mars bar:

A lot of the Twitter users who were engaged in the Mint-Aero-War over the last week have been reminiscing discontinued chocolate bars, such as the Dream bar (available online at Sansa), and the Mars Delight chocolate bar. I still remember when they took the Dream chocolate sweet out of the Heroes tin in 2008. That was a particularly dark Christmas.

There were a lot of discontinued chocolate products mentioned that the world is probably a better place without, like White Maltesers. I was also reminded of when it was decided that women were allowed to eat Yorkie bars, thank goodness for that.

One thing that surprised me was the exclusion from RedOrDead!’s chocolate execution list of the Bounty Bar. Comedy Central rightly claims that this contentious chocolate bar represents “A shell of a human who has no sense of self”. I’m not sure what went wrong in the office the day the Bounty Bar was conceived but it gave birth to one of the most psychotic inventions in the modern world of chocolate.

To be honest, I am a fan of a Mint Aero bar every now and then, so the next time you want to take to social media to disparage it, I would ask you to please think about all of the other chocolate bars that are so much worse.

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