Big Hero 6 – Review

BIG HERO 6 - Photo Credit Disneylifestylers (Flickr)
BIG HERO 6 - Photo Credit Disneylifestylers (Flickr)
BIG HERO 6 - Photo Credit Disneylifestylers (Flickr)
BIG HERO 6 – Photo Credit Disneylifestylers (Flickr)

It had been a while since I went to see a high-quality animated film; and being a big child at heart I sat down to watch Walt Disney’s Animated Studios latest flick Big Hero 6. I went to watch the film with absolutely no background knowledge of the plot, theme or characters within this movie… only from looking at the odd promotional pictures around town on walls and buses of a big, white, inflatable looking creature.

I am a lover of Walt Disney classics, as in the hand drawn animations such as Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King to name a few. The last seven movies released by Walt Disney Animation Studios have been considered part of Disney’s “New Renaissance”, these films include the likes of Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled and the ever popular Frozen. To be fair, I have yet to hit on a bad “new” Disney film, they have witty plots and a lot of hard work obviously goes into making the animation just right… so what did I think of this latest Disney feature?

The story is based in a fictional, hi-tech city of San Fransokyo (which is a play on San Francisco and Tokyo).  The protagonist of the film is a 14 year old boy called Hiro Hamada. He spends his time fighting with robots in back alley bot fights. His older brother Tadashi sees that he has potential to do much more, and brings him to his university to show him what he could become as a student there. His brother shows him a robot he has been working on, called Baymax. Baymax, a white, plus-sized, inflatable robot, is designed to help those with medical problems.

After a devastating event, (without giving the plot away!), Hiro befriends the special robot along with fellow students of the university to stop a dangerous wrongdoer from destroying their city. The 6 of them become… wait for it… “Big Hero 6”.

As usual, this Disney movie plays with your heartstrings. There are all kinds of moments, between feelings of happiness, sadness, suspense and sometimes “OH MY GOD, NO WAY!” moments.

I find that this movie isn’t too childish either. There are many hidden jokes that we would understand that kids may cop on to in the future. They also seem to take a lot of selfies in this movie, again… keeping up with the times?

I do believe that the animation is superb, with beautiful colours and a fresh, almost realistic look. I highly recommend going to see this movie and adding it up there as a Disney classic in years to come.




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