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Bias in the Workplace Versus Outside

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To ensure inclusivity and the smooth running of operations, many global companies such as Facebook now known as Meta have developed processes by implementing ways to mitigate bias amongst their employees. This is done especially as a form of orientation to newly employed staff. These biases are often to reduce racism, sentiments among colleagues which if left unattended could disrupt the smooth running process of the company. Some of these biases range from culture to height, gender, sexual orientation and more.

Here’s a video that comprehensively explains unconscious bias at work:

One important question to ask is what happens outside work especially among individuals who do not work in firms that fight against these biases or those who manage the biases just to keep their jobs?

It has been psychologically proven that human are naturally biased based on their personal experiences, conventions and social phenomena. The basis of this survey is to ask people if they are conscious of their biases outside and how location influences biases. That would that mean that learning information like Types of Survey Bias would come in handy in such situations.

Some have also argued that mitigating bias is beyond training, Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist shares in this video that “you can’t train people out of unconscious Bias”:

Managing bias in the workplace is quite different from the outside world. For instance in the workplace, an employee’s productivity is dependent on collective responsibility and collaboration with other team members. Therefore, to manage one’s bias can be easier due to the dependence on work relationship to be productive. Meanwhile, in the outside world where you have no connection to collaborate with a passerby for instance, one might be inclined to express their bias. In addition, recruiter are advised to use the Big 5 Personality Test for hiring according to to gain information about how an employee may perform.

The survey below is intended to analyse how the location of an individual affects them to express or manage their bias. Kindly, select the most suitable response applicable to you.

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