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BETWEEN GOD AND US: The relationship between migration and religion.


Migration is a journey that transcends physical movement, it involves an uprooting of one’s life. A transition between two different chapters of one’s life, and this one change can shape the trajectory a person’s life. In today’s world, the intersectionality between migration and identity is a very complex one where new identities are formed and communities are born.

In the migration experience, lies different aspects of a migrant’s identity. Like religion, cultural values, personality traits, and traditions. Weather fleeing their countries or seeking a better future for their families, migrants often come with their various and diverse faiths and beliefs. For many religion serves are a reason to carry on, a reason to keep believing, and a source of Hope. For some, they leave it behind because sometimes their faith was taught and some things are there to unlearn and deconstruct.

Insides of a church by skitter photo for pixabay

Despite the strength that faith gives after migration, the challenges that come with the effect of migration on one’s faith is not to be be overlooked. As a new migrant settles into a new country, they may be opened to other religious views and ideologies making them question or doubt their faith. They may also encounter language barrier, social isolation and discrimination. This poses a threat to the continuous practice of their religious beliefs.

Between God and Us, A documentary about migration and religion by Hope Kponi.

Despite these challenges, most migrants find a community of people who practice their faith to find belonging and a sense of community. Some continue to hold steadfast to their belief practicing their rituals and holding unto their faith. The relationship between religion and migrant is a tough one because change can be very tough.

It is essential to recognize the journey of migrants who leave their homes for a new country, starting over and learning new things. By fostering empathy and dialogue, we can create inclusivity, and a more compassionate world towards people of different backgrounds and religious identity. We all deserve to feel included and heard.

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