Be a Better GF/BF : 4 Relationship Resolutions

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A New You in a Relationship

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So, Tell me, how’s your relationship going? Just meh? Is it boring, lost its passion? Is the spark MIA? Well, no worries, let’s see if you can spice it up a bit! These tips might get your love life back on track before the end of 2016.

1.     Ignore the Phone

Yes, we are all attached to our smartphones like glue, but staying connected with Bae means fully disconnecting yourself from your phone. So, create that space for BAE TIME and let social media know that there is someone more important. Focusing solely on them and not on Instagram or SNAPCHAT! 

2.     Get Your Cuddle On

Cuddle and Intimacy (NOT sex) is a crucial part of building a strong and close bond with your lover. So, make sure, you create those small moments by holding his/her hand or cuddling on the couch. Let them know that you want and need closer, plus it’s Christmas Time and it’s FREEEEZZZZIINNGG GET YOUR FREAK ON.

3.     Learn to say the Magic word ‘Sorry’

I know we all think we are perfect and always right but that’s not always the case. Most especially in a relationship, we step on each other toes and annoy one another. Realizing you are the one at fault is the key to longer relationships and apologizing to one another. So, says “sorry” when you mess up.

4.     LOVE it up ….

Showing your love for one another by saying these three little words “I LOVE YOU “is much more important than you may think. It feels good to hear and even great to say and can help you two stay in touch with your feelings.

Give it a go!

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