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Best Travel Spots in Africa

Image by Fatima Wdadiya from Pixabay

Travelling opens our eyes to naiveties. This is because we tend to discover things that will shapen our ideas, give us a wider perspective of life, diversity and culture. In general, travelling is one of the best ways to enhance our personal growth and this is because, when we step out of our comfort zone, we become more responsible, experienced with a sense of independence.

There are so many places in the world to unwind but if you are a lover of nature and artistic luxury, Africa is one continent that would give many gems in and richness in diversity in every corner. Although, Africa may not register as the number one spot on the radar of a traveler but those who get to experience it are opportune enough to get the best blend of modern and ancient, of wild and urban lifestyle.

To make it easier, I have picked some of the top and popular countries to go see in Africa.


Tanzania is located on the eastern side of Africa which boarders Kenya and Uganda. Did you know that Tanzania is the home of Africa’s most famous natural parks and natural attractions. One of them would be the famous and majestic Kilimanjaro. Many people visit Tanzania because of its safari’s and wild life. The country also has beautiful spots and beaches that attracts tourists. There are also beaches that would give you the bohemian luxury style with beautiful serene, basking pure tranquility and sun. Zanzibar in Tanzania however is where to find the magnificent beaches with beach houses, great sea food and artistic crafting’s. Some Islands in Zanzibar


Mauritius is a bit of everything and it appeals to alot of vacationers. The main attractions is its beautiful beaches and many luxurious resorts. Mauritus is an Island, very popular for its peaceful atmosphere and many beaches as well. It also is also one of the worlds top diving destinations and the waters are warm.

Often, people are concerned about the temperature of Africa but Mauritius is at its coolest from May to September but the temperature rarely drops below 25 C. Learn more about Mauritius here, About Mauritius.


One thing these spots have in common is the lovely beaches on the island and luxurious beach resorts. Seyechelles is ideal for an escape from everyday bustle. It is a remote island that is crowd free with bright blue waters and a tranquil aura. There is and Island called La Digue, a quiet island where bicycles reign supreme and the sands of Anse Source d’Argent beach remain unspoiled. Seyechelle has many small Islands which is protected by national parks. Find out more about the culture of the Seychelles Islands


Morocco screams tradition.Moroccos offers a wide range of experiences, from tradition to city life. The streets of Morocco bursts with colors, entrenched with the Arab culture, mixed heritage and is famous for its spice market. The cities that offer a look into the ancient tradition of Morocco are Marrakesh, Tangier, Fez and Rabat. These are the famous and commonly explored places in Morocco, with beautiful architectural buildings that shows its culture and tradition. In the evenings, there is a square in Marrakesh where musicans, storytellers and dancers come out, it is called Jemaa el-Fnaa.


When people hear Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is the pyramid. Visiting the pyramid and taking a cruise up to the Nile river is a major bucket list, if thinking of taking a trip to Egypt. It is also important to visit The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, old but contains several ancient artifacts. The movie called “The Mummy” was also inspired by some Egyptian stories.

Each of these spots are unique in their own way, in the sense that they each have their own tradition waiting to be discovered. From the food to the people, culture and to its surroundings. Other intriguing spots are Cape verde, Maldives Islands, Madagascar, Kenya Safari, Mozambique. Africa is indeed filled with interesting sites to see.

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