The Best Spots for Consignment Shopping in Dublin

Image Via Cobbler's Wardrobe Facebook
Image Via Cobbler's Wardrobe Facebook

In the past number of years, consignment shopping has grown tremendously. With the rise of consignment shops opening in Dublin and an interest in vintage and second-hand clothing, Dublin’s fashionista’s have embraced the new shopping trend.

Consignments shops are second-hand clothing retailers who buy stock from people wishing to sell their pieces. In turn, the consignment shop sells on the piece, taking a share of the profits. The stock of a consignment store varies, however, they predominantly sell pre-worn designer clothing.

Check out the best consignment shops in Dublin below…


Siopaella, located on Cecilia St, Wicklow St, Crow St and Temple Lane South, is a designer resale consignment store. Selling products from varies designers such as Gucci, Chanel and Prada,  the store has become one of the most popular places for consignment shopping. Siopaella also offers an online retail website at

Second Avenue

Second Avenue, located in the heart of Dublin on Duty Street, is a designer consignment store selling stock from Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen. For more information on Second Avenue, check out their website at

No. 38

No.38 offers customers a selection of luxury goods from designers like Cholé, Max Mara, Mulberry and Tom Ford. Located Ranelagh, Dublin 6, the consignment store run by Armelle Mitchell has every designer pieces you need in your life. Visit their website to learn more at

Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby, located on Dawson Street, is a designer consignment store selling products from designers such as Prada, Armani and Louis Vuitton. Ruby Ruby specialises in quality designer clothing and accessories with guaranteed authenticity. For more information, visit

Cobbler’s Wardrobe

Located in Sandymount, Cobbler’s Wardrobe is a pre-owned designer boutique stocking items from clothing to handbags. Cobbler’s Wardrobe offers a range of unique and vintage designer goods to complete every fashionista’s wardrobe. Find out more at cobblers


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