Best recipe to avoid wasting food

Pain perdu credit photo Francisco Gonzalez (flickr)
Pain perdu credit photo Francisco Gonzalez (flickr)

Each year, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is thrown away. This waste harms not only the economy, it is also very harmful to the environment. Here is some few tips not to waste your food!

1/ For breakfast

See, at the bottom of your closet, that bag of old fruits getting old…

It is Smoothie Time !

A cutting board
Sharp knives
A Blender
A centrifuge
Glasses and any fruits you want to eat!

Let’s go!

Remove the skin of your fruit when it is not edible (banana, mango, orange). Remove the stem (apple, pear) and remove the cores (cherry, apricot, peach). Use a centrifuge for hard ingredients (pineapple, apple, carrot). Use a blender for soft ingredients (banana, kiwi, strawberry). In a blender, always use first the most liquid ingredients.cIf your mixture is too tart, add a little honey to sweeten. If your mixture is too thick for your taste, add apple juice which usually combines well with all fruits and vegetables.


City Java smoothies credit photo Ken Hawkins (flickr)
City Java smoothies photo credit Ken Hawkins (flickr)

2/ For lunch time

It is 2pm. You are just back from college but you only have 10 minutes to have lunch. You are starving and your fridge is almost empty, see like life is hard! Oh, no, see, 2 eggs left. Put it directly into a bowl with some salt and some pepper, 2 minutes microwave and here we go!


Eggs credit photo John Loo (flickr)
Eggs credit photo John Loo (flickr)


3/ For dinner time

It’s 7pm. You’re hungry. And lazy to go to Tesco. You only have some old slices of bread in your kitchen cupboard left…and it became hard bread…Damn it !

Let’s do ‘Pain Perdu’, a French recipe! It is a French toast, also known as ‘eggy bread’, ‘gypsy toast’, ‘German toast’, ‘Spanish toast’, or ‘omelette bread’. It is a dish of bread soaked in beaten eggs and then fried.

It is only 10 minutes preparation and 10 minutes cooking.


For 4 persons, you need to mix 3 eggs, 75g of cane sugar and 25cl of milk. Then, soak your toasts into the preparation and you have two solutions: put the toasts in the pan with butter or lightly butter a baking dish, spread the slices of bread there, pour the remaining mixture (add sugar if wanted) and cook until the slices are golden.

Taste has nothing to do with the picture! Do not be fooled by appearances.

Pain perdu credit photo Francisco Gonzalez (flickr)
Pain perdu credit photo Francisco Gonzalez (flickr)

Anyway, you should keep in mind some advice before going for food shopping:

Products ‘to consume preferably before’ can eat up to one year after the expiration date.

It is sometimes impossible to keep certain kind of food. Do not throw them in the trash, but start compost. This is a good solution for garden waste and kitchen, as is reusable compost in the garden.

Remember to put in the front of your fridge which lapses the soonest!

Keep a maximum of products in the fridge. Eggs, fruits and vegetables stay fresher when they are kept in the fridge.

Enjoy your meals!

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