Where is the best place to get pizza in Dublin 8?

Photo credit: British Mum ( Flickr)
Photo credit: British Mum ( Flickr)

5) Spar on the South Circular Road. Certainly the humble option on this list but if you’re a student or just generally find that the whole stereotype surrounding south Dublin has passed you by, you could do a lot worse than a 10″ pizza for €4.00. Now it must be noted that unlike other places any toppings that you want to get with it will you cost 50c extra. One issue I would have is that they are very stingy with the amount of cheese they put on so I would recommend always stumping up the extra 50c for more. On the bright side though, recently they have started having ham on every pizza with no additional charge. While I’m not too sure where this leaves anyone seeking a vegetarian option, it makes for a pretty satisfying bargain. Of course, the pizza here is not of the same quality as the freshly baked alternatives on this list but it does the job and the very friendly staff are always quite generous with the amount of garlic or chilli sauce that you go for too. This is sure to leave you feeling like quite the VIP.



4) Cafe Bistro. A solid but unspectacular pizza awaits you here. It’s thick-crusted and fairly filling with a 12″ pizza available for €9.50 but a pretty major gripe of mine would be that no garlic sauce or any other sauce for that matter, was offered alongside it. What am I meant to dunk the crusts in?! I will say this for it though, it has booths instead of chairs so it is the most comfortable option of any place on this list. This makes it especially convenient if you are going with a reasonably large group. Still though, I could not quite get over the lack of complimentary sauce. The lack of garnish garnered this reaction out of me…


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3) Pinheads Pizza. Again, it certainly does the job and the owner is extremely personable which always helps the atmosphere in a pizzeria. However, there is a gulf in class between the pizza on offer here and the ones served up by those occupying the top two spots on this list. The really eye-catching aspect to this restaurant is the 2 for 1 offer on pizza. It sounds great but I found this a bit of a false economy as my two 12″ pizzas cost me €14 so the saving was not all that drastic, especially when you factor in that there are nicer alternatives very close by. So overall, it really is just…



2) Cafe Delice. One thing to bear in mind when it comes to this place is that it closes at 8 pm Monday-Saturday and 7 pm on Sunday. So it is really more of a lunch or early dinner place. A big advantage that this place has, however, is that it shows a great range of premiership matches on the weekend. This leads to a great atmosphere and sense of community as you tuck in to your pizza, even if there are one too many Arsenal fans among them for my liking. You can get a 15″ pizza with 3 toppings for the very fair price of €10. One slight grievance I would have is that they are a bit skimpy on the amount of sauce you get but overall you’re assured a very tasty, thin-crust pizza. Worth noting that alongside SPAR, this is the only place on this list that does not deliver. Really though, this cafe comes into its own on the weekend when football and pizza combine to give us a little slice of heaven on earth. That’s something that unites us all, even the Arsenal folk among us.



1) Harcourt Diner. Situated just around the corner from Harcourt Street as you walk up towards Harrington Street, this cosy spot offers the finest pizza around. The pizzas served here have a much thicker base which leads to you being a lot fuller than places like Cafe Delice, despite them offering seemingly very similar deals. In my case, I go for the 12″ for €9.95 at Harcourt Diner and find that it leaves me struggling to finish the last slice far more than Cafe Delice’s 15″ alternative. If you’re eating in, this restaurant also has a comfy interior too with classy wooden tables and chairs a cut above the usual sitting arrangement you’re provided with in these kinds of places. As it does cater for the nightlife scene around the corner on Harcourt Street, it is open later from 5 pm until 2 am. So there you have it, while the trio of Cafe Bistro, Pinheads Pizza and in particular Cafe Delice have their plus points, you’re better off bypassing the three of them( which are coincidentally practically next door to each other on Leonard’s Corner) in favour of Harcourt Diner. It’ll leave you as happy as this chap…


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