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Benefits Of The Pescatarian Diet

Photo by Mali Maeder for Pexels.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva for Pexels

Nowadays, humanity has more than doubled its life expectancy in just few centuries, something that other species has never done before. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), human life expectancy is has increased to 73.4 years.

The advances in technology, medicine, science, lifestyles and even work conditions have contributed to this. However, one of the main elements which contributed to the expansion of our average period of living is our change in diets.

Now more than ever, human beings have never been so focused on the benefits of their diets and changing sedentary lifestyles. Especially young generations are more concerned about their eating habits. A good alternative for those seeking a diet low in cholesterol is the pescatarian diet.

This innovative diet include fish as the main source of protein. Seafood of any kind can be part of this diet, including mussels, shellfish or clamps. Also, it can generally be included vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy as any other vegetarian diet. The benefits of this type of diet are many such as low cholesterol levels, heart health, lowers cancer risk and lower risk of blood pressure.

As this diet is rather flexible and allows different types of foods to be included. You can learn more about new recipes including seafood. One very famous in the Latin-American region is the traditional ‘Ceviche’, a really tasty dish consisting of marinated fish in citrus and different seasonings.

The ceviche originated in Peru, a country in the West of South America. This citric dish was for a long time a traditional dish for Peruvian fishermen. The ceviche can be made in many forms and with different types of seafood. For instance, there is ceviche made with crab, octopus, prawns and even all of them mixed.

As well as the ceviche, many other recipes which include seafood and fits well with this diet. On the Caribbean coast of Panama, called Colon is very popular to eat octopus in coconut milk. This dish is regarded as a blessing from the sea in the region.

Is important to find other alternatives to the conventional diets that we have been following for years, based on meat and other high-cholesterol products. The abuse of this sort of diet, in the long term, can lead to detrimental health conditions. In the present day, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally.

We urge you to find new diets and different lifestyles that allow us to have a more active life and experience better health. this is exactly what the pescatarian diet seeks to bring, a cleaner, healthier and beneficial way of eating.

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