Before the iron man, there was an iron lady

China-Hong Kong 1997

Today, the remains of the former British Prime Minister, Baroness Margret Thatcher, were transferred from Royal Hospital of Chelsea to St. Pauls Cathedral for funeral. People of London paid tribute to the iron lady who led Britain through the turbulent years of 1980s. Now six feet under, may she rest in peace, though a lot people died in violent and regret as result of her uncompromising policies. If the connections of Thatcherism and great economic damage, deregulation, local authority shortages are anywhere open to debate, the hunger strike and poll tax are definitely marked by her finger prints. She had a hard job to do, but she also chose to do it in a hard way. There were other prime ministers who had hard jobs to do as well, but not all of them had to turn against their people and the rest of the world at times.

She was remembered by Chinese because of the 1982 negotiation of return of Hong Kong with then Chinese president Deng Xiaoping. Her proposal of a continued British presence in the territory was bluntly refused by Deng. She was so upset she fell on the stairs when came out of the meeting hall. She probably never felt this bad and compromise this much before, not in H-blocks and Falklands War.

May she rest in peace! Just as said, let’s remember her not as a personnel of  ‘ism’, but as a person, with flesh and bones, a women who devoted herself to the country she loved.

“Thatcher had been influential all around the world, including China where she is best remembered from her visit in 1982 to meet Chairman Deng Xiaoping.  But no matter what was discussed or agreed upon that day (I dunno, Hong Kong ’97 maybe), Thatcher may be best remembered by Chinese for an accidental fall on the steps of the Great Hall of the People.”

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