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Beauty Trends to watch out for 2021

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

There’s so much new and still in style beauty trends to experiment with when the lockdown is over. Which means aesthetic events and seminars, like Music City Scale, which are held and attended by aesthetic professionals will be more than ready to go. In addition, Magazines like Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and Vogue have given few recommendations of trends that they believe girls should try this Spring and Summer. They include :


Try going for a shiny ,bold coloured gloss this summer while adding fluttery lashes and highlighter to achieve a cute look. Bold colours like  orange or red  should be experimented for lipstick shades this summer . The MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick would be very great for this look  and the MAC Resort Season would be good for this look.


Hopefully , you are not tired of the soapy brow look , it is a very good trend to experiment with your brows this spring . Filled in and  well- defined brows is the way to go . The Anastasia Beverly Hills dip-brow  pomade and West Barn Co soap brow would be very good to achieve this look.


There has been an increase lately in the use of graphic liners and bold eyeshadows which in my opinion is a beautiful trend to try if you have not already this summer. Epic eye makeup is an example to experiment this summer . Floating eyeliners and colourful eyeshadows are all areas you could start experimenting from . Nyx Professional Makeup  eyeliners have really nice colours  in achieving  nice epic eye makeup. Juvia’s Place also has nice palettes to create epic eye looks . Cat eye are also still in style .

4. Skin 

Dewy skin has been a big trend since 2019 and it is still in style .If you have not experimented the look ,I think it is something to try if you want that glowy  look  .Hyaluronic acid is a good serum to try and it helps with dry skin .  Polyglutamic acid is another good serum to try as suggested by Dr Karen Kagha   during an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine.
Photo Credit by Dr Karen Kagha

Youtube Video Credit by The List

The List compiled a number of beauty trends for people to watch out for 2021 .

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