Be ready for this if you go to study in Russia

If you ever wanted to study in Russia, you need to know that it is a very exotic country with its traditions, lifestyle and philosophy. So, be ready for the following if you want to study in Russia:


Saint Basils Cathedral. Photo credit:Tatyana Kazakova (Pixabay)
Saint Basils Cathedral. Photo credit:Tatyana Kazakova (Pixabay)

Climate and weather

You must be ready to any kind of weather: from snowy winter with -50 degrees to hot and sunny summer + 50 degrees.

Social Life

Russian people are very open and interested in companionship with foreigners (because the country was closed from them during Soviet period). So, your adaptation and socialisation will take place easily. Important note: each Russian will want to drink vodka with you.

Study process

Russian education is very intensive one. Compared to European education, you can have 10 subjects each semester, most of which are not related to you specialisation. For example, if you study engineering, you must pass sociology. political science, etc. Also, be ready to spend the whole day in the university, including weekends. Moreover, students study from the 1st of September till the end of June.

Social clubs

In Russian universities you can follow different social and sport societies, one of them is called “Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted” (KVN) that is accessible in every university. This is a humour competition that can make you a famous artist all over the country.

Sport classes

No matter what faculty and specialisation you choose, you have sport classes each week. If you do not have a real medical excuse you must pass their requirements. If you are not healthy enough for this class you have to submit theoretical report.

Not English speaking country

Be ready to the fact that not many people in Russia speak English, so you should start to learn Russian.
P. S. If you are not familiar with Russian at all, you can start your study in English in almost all universities in Russia and learn the local language during your social life.


There is one tradition which you can hear and face during your study. Before exams, some of the Russian students shout out of the windows “halyava pridi”. It means they wish for an easy pass of exams.

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