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Basketball is Basketball: The International Story of 3

This podcast features audio that discusses basketball culture in three different countries: Ireland, America, and Canada. Often times when it comes to international sport, especially basketball, there is an invisible wall that exists between sport in different countries. While the game fundamentally may be the same, unique countries have unique factors that become important when you go to looking at basketball in that specific country. If you are a fan of this sport and will like to play at home, get more info here on where to buy all you need.

This audio features three speakers: Ian Lynch, Christian Carson, and Kingsley Costain

Ian Lynch is now a coach for two well respected basketball clubs here at the youth level u17 Eanna boys as well as Templeogue u18 girls. Not only has Ian coached here in Dublin but he has also been an assistant coach for the boys and girls at the international level for the country of Ireland.

Christian Carson is a baller from Los Angeles, California, who has been featured on Ballislife documentary 10,000 hours. The documentary was a huge success on YouTube worldwide. It featured the story of Carson and other players in the area who put a lot of hours into playing basketball and getting better which is where the show got its name.

Kingsley Costain is a former player who played for the Canadian national team. At the age of 18, Costain played in international competition against NBA notables Chris Paul, Deron Williams, among others. He also played at the division one level for Pepperdine University where he won freshman of the year. At only 5’7, Costain was a poised player who maximized every inch of his body to be the best that he could be.

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