Barbie – an ideal woman?

The ideal woman?
The ideal woman?

This beautiful blonde doesn’t look like she’s 56. She is dressed by the very best modelers of the world. She poses for magazine covers and changes professions faster than you thought. She is always smiling.


The ideal woman?
The ideal woman?

Is it possible that a doll has an influence on people’s lives? It is, if you are talking about Barbie. Could a doll evoke both love and hatred? Of course. More than half of a century this doll has a great influence of little girls with disturbed body image. A lot of girls develop personal issues about their look. It could be said that a simple doll is a weapon of mass defeat. Barbie’s message was “Impossible is nothing”

Only in 1996 Barbie shut her mouth up (if she was real, constant smiling would kill her from tension in her cheeks). F lot of her fans closed their mouths metaphorically. They simply stopped eating just to e as slim and beautiful as a plastic doll.

If Barbie was as tall as real people, she’d have impossible body porportions 99-46-84. The only way to achieve these proportions is to take vast amount of plastic surgeries. Of course, a lot of health problems will appear after that.

Have you ever thought, what a message Barbie sends to the minds of children, who play with her?

If you’re tall, tiny, always smiling pretty blonde with – you will have everything in this world excent troubles (big house, designer’s clothes, a man). And better not to think, it makes your face looking less pretty!

Many children playing with Barbie from their childhood grow up complexes. Barbie is a perfect doll and a role model, which doesn’t have any minuses in her body, while children, who play with her are not perfect (as anyone in this world). Many surveys and experiments of girls of different ages showed that many of them wanted to have a body like Barbie has. Even the youngest one during the survey were already not satisfied with their body!

Also, there are such people, who want to look like a Barbie and ready to pay any price for it. This phenomenon even has its name – Barbie syndrome. The sick idea of transformation of face and body to achieve the doll look.


Valeri Lukyanova - famous Ukrainian real-life Barbie
Valeri Lukyanova – famous Ukrainian real-life Barbie


But, there is no need to demonize the doll and blame it for all troubles of the humanity. One of advices for parents is not to take the doll away, but to explain that doll is just a doll and not a role model, and that child has to compare herself to herself of the past and not to Barbie (e.g. school achievements, sports etc.).

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