Audio: The Cartoon World Of Wrestling Brought To Life In Ireland

OTT Wrestling at the National Stadium, Dublin

As part of an audio feature ‘Cartoon World: Pro Wrestling in Ireland’ produced in 2018, The Circular spoke with some of the biggest names in Irish wrestling. Joe Cabray spent several years performing all over the world as ‘Luther Ward’ before returning to Ireland in 2014 to found ‘Over the Top Wrestling’ (OTT). It has since become one of the hottest independent wrestling promotions in the world. In this feature, Joe gives his insights on the wrestling business and we also hear from some of the home-grown stars of OTT, including Karen Glennon, better known as ‘Session Moth’ Martina, who discusses her fascination with the ‘performance art’ that is pro-wrestling.

You can listen to ‘Cartoon World: Pro Wrestling in Ireland’ in full at the link below.

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