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Audio: Looking for a no nonsense take on music reviews?

In 2016 I stumbled into a run down redbrick house share opposite Dublin’s Botanic Gardens. Little did I know that I was about to meet Philly Ryan, Tipperary’s most cynical son.

A few days into living there I mentioned my interest in broadcasting came up, Philly said he’d always want to make a podcast. And two days later ‘The Pure Sound Review‘ was born.

A shite music podcast all about talking shite about music…We had some high points and some low, interviewed a range of Irish artists, had a live show at Cork’s Quarter Block Party in 2015, and managed a run of 13 episodes in total before it got away from us.

With explicit language throughout, Jackie Chan references, smiley face reviews, a general slating of Pitchfork and a no nonsense (yet full of nonsense) take on the music of the day, here’s the very first episode.

Original Description


It’s finally here…the podcast you didn’t realise you’d been waiting for. 

That’s right, its Pure Sound Review. Not to be confused with Poor Sound Review, those lads who rate bad sound quality at gigs. None of that shit here.

What we have for you in our debut podcast is some pure unadulterated shite talk about Manchester’s golden art rockers Everything Everything and their new album ‘Get to Heaven’.

We also take a look at this week’s up and coming gigs. And the Pitchfork busters are back to rock your world with their particular brand of cynicism and honesty.

A decent fill for any self respecting podcast addict.

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