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Audio: Dealing with Homesickness

It is said- Home is where the heart is and it’s quite natural to feel the sense of longing for home when we’ve been away from our loved ones.

Homesickness is very common and almost all of us go through it at some point in time. Moving out, leaving family and friends behind is a difficult task and such changes at times can be quite overwhelming. Especially, moving abroad as a student itself invites feelings like excitement and anxiety, all at once. Many students are affected by the sudden change which further leads to homesickness.

The feeling can impact the body as a whole, making it extremely difficult to cope with the new environment. The feeling can be mild to moderate and tends to fade away with time. However, in some instances, it can be severe and difficult to cure.

There are many ways to overcome homesickness for moving forward in life. The Circular asked a few students to share their personal experiences of dealing with homesickness.

Voices – Barnett Gomez, Ayodele Folorunsho, Jeff Simon

Music: White Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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