Asher Roth’s New Album Coming Out in April 2014

Asher Roth, photo credit: Asher Roth myspace
Asher Roth, photo credit: Asher Roth myspace


Asher Roth, photo credit: Asher Roth myspace
Asher Roth, photo credit: Asher Roth’s myspace

After an impressive and successful debut album Asleep in the Bread Aisle, Asher Roth is releasing a second opus on March, 22nd 2014. Five years after the hit song “I Love College” the hip hop artist from Pennsylvania is back with a promising new album Retro Hash.

Retro Hash is nothing else but Asher Roth’s anagram, an ideal title that reflects the creativity and originality of the artist.

“It’s wavy, man. It’s moody. If anybody is familiar with the Blended Babies [production] work, it’s definitely moody” said Asher Roth in a XXL interview back in December. Indeed “Tangerine girl” was released a week ago and sets straight away the mood and the tone of the upcoming opus; it is an incredibly relaxing song with a funky bass line in perfect harmony with Roth’s fluid flow and powerful rhymes.

Listen to “Tangerine Girl”, new song featured on his new LP:


With his debut album the hip hop artist has already proven his rapping skills and his ability to rhyme on punchy beats; but with already two songs available online, “Pot of Gold” and “Tangerine Girl”, this album seems to be more experimental, however we’ll have to wait until April to definitely approve this statement.

“Pot of Gold”, was released in December and is a slow and melodic song with simple yet powerful beats; it is obvious that Asher Roth took a different approach when crafting this new LP; the songs released so far offer the listeners a smooth and wavy atmosphere.

This record is an opportunity for the artist to prove once again that he has the ability to mix melody and rhymes with ingenuity. Songs from his previous project such as “I Love College” or “As I Em” brought something new and innovative to the hip hop world so let’s hope this will be the case with Retro Hash.

Asher Roth will be kicking off a tour in America and in Europe to promote the upcoming album. Dates and tickets are available on his website



Listen to “I love College” from his debut album :



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