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My healing process of creating images.

I found my approach to art creation at the age of 25. And it changed me both mentally and creatively.

One thing I noticed about my process is that I usually tend to look at real images while drawing what I am imagining.  And that is something widely used in the art community. With apps such as “PureRef” where artists drop real images into it and look at them while creating, so to create more realistic-looking projects.

That was the pipeline I learned when graduating in animation, to create concept art, but as years go by I realize that doing the opposite process has been something really enjoyable. Nowadays i tend to create oppositely. First I tend to “Brainstorm” the idea with my drawing abilities and after looking at references to possibly make it more realistic. This method made my process very enjoyable.

I didn’t come up with this idea by myself, obviously, but gathered ideas from others. One person who was very helpful during this process was Steven Zappata. Here is a video that talks about the subject similar to my short tutorial:

My process/tutorial- example:

I was waiting in line one day for a concert when stressed about waiting for too long I decided to draw my feelings. A drawing of a figure came about in my sketch pad in about a few minutes. And since this day I have been doing the same thing almost every day. If you want to follow up with this drawing follow me on Instagram.

  1. Have a feeling/situation that captivated you somehow
  2. scribble whatever way you want and feel.
  3. make it beautiful for you, here you bring reference into “PureRef” and refine it.

So I was waiting, and that led me to draw this:

Photo taken by the author, for
photo by the author for

After when I got in I refined this:

photo by the author for


If you want to draw more realistically and build more tools that can lead your approach into something more realistic. Practice is important, a very important book is Anatomy in Perspective, which will help conceive the 3D space into a 2D surface.

For face and figure drawings specifically one famous title is The Figure drawing for all it’s worth by Andrew Loomis. Both books will demonstrate how to simplify shapes so as to draw them in perspective and also give you the basics required to imagine shapes in a more “realistic and organized manner”.

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