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Are you Sneaking into the Luas?

The Luas

Well Well Well…the open system of the Luas in Dublin is something that some people might take advantage of,it is not free !!! .Since the launch of the light rail in 2004 had about 34 million passengers were commuting with the light rail last year .The light rail has been operating on two tram liners. The Green Line and Red Line route. The Green Line connects Brides Glen to Broombridge.The Red Line connects Saggart and Tallaght to The Point in Dublin Docklands.

Luas Line construction 1/Credit my own

With the number of commuters who board the Luas increasing annually, there has been also the one question of how then does Transdev together with TII do monitor the loyalty of commuters in regard to the Open system, which has been put in place to allow commuters to have easy access.

During an interview with the circular Head of Strategy at Transport Infrastructure of Ireland Tom Manning he indicated that “the best tram system in the world operates with the open system, whereby Commuters have street access to get on and off easily without any barriers, and that is one of the differences between a light rail and a heavy rail system, so you bring people to where they want to go, the system that we set up is an open system but that does not mean it’s a free system’’.

 According to Mr Manning there is a ticketing system in place. The Luas transport system since it opened has issued out leap cards or smart cards, which have been increasing in popularity. In addition to that there are people who have what is called the free pass, what used to be known as the bus pass. These are people who use the free pass are those have a pension or social welfare pays for them because the state pays for them.

Leap Card

To find out whether people are taking advantage of the open system by not paying Mr Manning indicated that the operator Transdev has their own ways in place to make sure that they monitor the system. Mr Manning said he is aware that these inspectors are not on every tram every day so they too as TII have their own monitoring system in place and they do this without the concernt of the operator.

So next time a commuter tries to take advantage of the Luas,they better be careful because they are being watched by Inspectors!

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