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Are you a poetry lover? Here is your chance to spread your talent

Poetry surprises!

”Poetry surprises. It knocks on your door and runs away. It greets you on the street with a face you haven’t seen in years. look in the mirror and poetry shows you the back of your head. It can rearrange the stars and resurrect the past. When your breath snags and your heart thumps; when something strokes your neck and makes you jump: that’s poetry”.

Poetry Day in Ireland takes place on the 25th of April. This a major occasion in which individuals, organizations and schools gather together around the country to celebrate it by reading poems, poetry books or writing a poem. It is expected that more than 100 events will be carried out across the country this year.

If you would like to register an event for poetry day in Ireland, fill in the form and it will be included in poetry day website and brochure listing.

Poetry Ireland connects people and poetry. This idea came about to create performance and publication opportunities for poets at all stages of their careers and help to ensure that the best work is made available to the widest audience, securing a future for Irish poetry.

Poetry Ireland receives support from The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon and The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and it also has partnerships with art centres, festivals, schools, colleges and bookshops at home and abroad.

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