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Are you a lover of food? i have a community just for you!

Photo by Nerfee Mirandilla from Pexels

Paul Prudhomme famously said, “You don’t need a silver fork to eat healthy food.” Are you a foodie who enjoys trying new foods and wants to share your experiences with others? If so, I’d like to invite you to join the @gc_foodlovers community on Instagram. Where photos are posted on our Instagram feeds and reels with credit to the original owner. After all, this is what the account was created for, so tag the account or send a direct message with the photos you would like to share.

The only thing better than enjoying food is talking about it and photographing it. And we have all contributed our fair share. Anyone may post a picture of themselves eating in or ordering food from a restaurant.

According to studies, at least 69 percent of people  photograph food before consuming it, which is not surprising given our desire to share what we enjoy.

So, for all of you foodies like me out there, I decided to start a group on Instagram called @gc_foodlovers, where we can all share awesome photos of all kinds of food and drinks from all parts of the world. We’ll be able to make suggestions and such. All food-related images or videos are accepted, including home-cooked meals, take-away, dining out, and many more.

If you’d like to share your special moments with us, please pull up a chair and join us in this community.

There is no love more sincere than the love of food because life is so endlessly delicious.

How do you get your post to show up on the page?

Your photographs can be featured on the platform in many ways.

  1. Tag us @gc_foodlover on your post.
  2. Making use of our hashtags #gcfoodporn #gcfoodlover #gcfoodlovers in your post
  3. Sending a direct message with your photos to @gc_foodlovers and a caption (optional).

Join our Instagram community @gc_foodlovers for a finger-licking experience.

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