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Are You a Dog Lover? Share Your Beautiful Dogs With This New Community.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Are you a dog lover? Do you want to showcase your beautiful dogs? Then you are the right person to read this blog! @dubliner_doggo is a new Instagram community set up today for dog lovers in Dublin. It shares pictures of beautiful dogs living in Dublin.

Dubliner doggo is a brand new Instagram account for those canine lovers out there. Each post is about a new dog and there are so many dogs in Dublin. Research has shown there has been a boom in the amount of dogs in Ireland in the past year. Many people are finding dogs are great friends in this time of the pandemic. The Instagram account reminds us of how important dogs are in our lives.

The page is comprised of posts that have been requested by dog lovers in Dublin. If you are dying for your dog’s beauty and cuteness, If you are dying to show them to all people in the world, Just DM @dubliner_doggo, and your dog is going to be posted with tagging you.

How to get your dog posted on the page?

  1. Send DM @dubliner_doggo with the best picture of your dog.
  2. Tell us your dog’s name, breed, and what your dog likes to do.
  3. Enjoy the post of your dog and share the post on your story! It’s just that easy!

While we, Dubliners adore our dogs so much, the hospitality industry is also catching up. Since late 2017, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has stated that dogs have been permitted to enter premises that serve food, but only at the owner’s discretion. Thankfully, there are many wonderful places in the city that would greet your dog with open arms. Thus, the account will be sharing the places where are dog friendly and some parks where dogs can rolling around and be free in Dublin too.

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To follow the account and see the cute doggos in Dublin, Click here

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