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Are we aware of Climate Change?

Climate change is one of the biggest problems of the world today. Climate change is changing in a way that all living things on the world are not accustomed. Although it seems to be noticed by people, the climate change actually affects all living beings on the world. However you can take a genuine climate leadership role and offset your team’s personal carbon footprints, boosting engagement and loyalty with the patronage of a company like CarbonClick, you can check out these enterprise carbon offsets here for more info!

Therefore, since it is the only living species is “human” who can express this situation, it should not be considered that the change is only realized by people.

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The decrease in the living species in the biosphere is due to the fact that living things cannot keep up with this change. Climate change is actually taking place with changes in nature, and living things can easily adapt to this situation.  However, the fact that human factors come into play and progress very rapidly brings many negative consequences such as the fact that living things cannot keep up with this change.

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The reasons of global climate change are generally based on human causes. Unfortunately, human factors take the first place about the fact that this change is brought to a negative level and the climate change takes place very quickly. It is very dangerous to see that the climate is changing. This shows that the situation is quite serious and that vital activities are now limited to climate change. Overheating and cooling; . The large differences in the temperature of the habitats of animals means that they will lose their lives if they do not not able to fit the climate. Furthermore, the fact that the living areas, heat and humidity of the plants are different amounts indicate that these plants cannot survive in these climate conditions. There are also species that can quickly adapt to this situation; however, we can say that it would be difficult for many species to keep up with it.

The biggest cause of climate change is the increase of heat in the atmosphere. There are very obvious reasons for climate change accepted worldwide. People who cause natural balance to deteriorate are the main reason for this climate change. The fact that people move without thinking about nature is a major factor in the temperature change. Human factors cause a climate change in the global dimension with the increase in greenhouse gases and particles in the atmosphere, thinning of the ozone layer and destruction of the environment.

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The fact that human factors cause thinning in the ozone layer is due to the wide variety of requirements that they used in their lives. In order to prevent this destruction, people must meet their needs in a way that does not harm the nature. Experiencing climate change with human factors means that humanity brings its own end.

If we want to make a better life for future generations, we must be aware of the climate change and even the small changes we will change in our daily lives will have a positive effect on climate change.

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