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Are people willing to join the gyms again ahead of the ease of restrictions?

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

Ahead of the easing restrictions from the government over May and June, the citizens living in Ireland can see a light inside the tunnel for an optimist summer season. This means busy retail, inter-country travels and outdoors meet. The gyms closed since last December, are going to be opened once again in June with social distance measures. However, the necessity to keep active during the pandemic made people figure out ways to work out at home and outdoor facilities such as parks.  

An article from BBC published in January reports some people talking about how the lockdown changed their lives in a good way thanks to the possibility to find exercises through apps, online classes held via Zoom and wearables such as Garmin and Apple Watch which reward the users with ribbons and medals. The article also mentions that exercises improve also mental health, allowing people to manage to stay at home for hours in a day. The interesting part of the article is that many of the interviewees confirmed that they wouldn’t join gyms again. This brings us to the main question: are people willing to join the gyms ahead of the ease of restrictions in Ireland? 

In the video interview below, Arturo, a foreign master student currently living in Ireland for over a year and a half, shares his thoughts regarding how outdoors workouts improved his health in lockdown and whether or not he would accept to join the gyms in Dublin again ahead of the easing of restrictions.

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