Are expensive makeup brands really worth the splurge

By Amanda Cullen

Are makeup brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel etc. really worth the splurge.

Ladies I am sure almost all of us have been there one time or another, when we loose our favourite lipstick or powder on a night out. Theirs no worse feeling than loosing it when you know you’ve forked out money you don’t have to buy it.

My question is, are expensive brands vs. cheap brands really all that different?

In my opinion I do think investing in a good foundation is worth it, however you do not need to go forking out €60 on a bottle of Chanel or Armani foundation. Brands like Bare Minerals and Urban Decay are half the price and in my experience just as good.


I feel I need to share the word to my fellow females. DO NOT buy MAC brushes. I have never in my life seen people get more ripped off by them. They are outrageously priced. A mac foundation brush can cost up to €40!!! €40 for one brush. Then eye brushes can be as expensive as €30 each. It is crazy and I really think they sell them at this price solely because they can get away with it because they are such a well know brand and highly regarded.

I literally spent a fortune over the years buying MAC brushes, and I regret it so much now. 6 Months ago I came across a brand called Coastal Scents. After doing a bit of research on them, they are an absolutely amazing brand and their products are absolutely amazing prices. I bought the Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set on for €45 euro. I can honestly say the brushes are as good if not better than MAC. They are now six months old and are still as good as new. I have a link on a review of the brushes below.

brush set

Onto expensive eye shadow. Maybe I am wrong but to me, eye shadow is all the same, I think a black Bobbi Brown eye shadow vs. a black Rimmel eye shadow goes on the exact same. MAC eye shadow is €14 each. Fair enough they do last ages, but €14 each all adds up once you’ve got a few at the checkout. Again I did a bit of research and bought Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette for €35!! Bargin if I’ve ever seen one. However these eye shadows are a little bit smaller than MAC ones nonetheless the difference in prices doesn’t even begin to compare. I think they are also just as good as top quality eye shadows.



So there you have it. I just wanted to share my experience with buying makeup and hope this is beneficial to anyone reading!

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