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Anxiety podcast: The impacts of anxiety in your life

You are not alone.

Anxiety is a common emotion that everyone is familiar with. It is part of our lives and we experience it every day. Its primary purpose is to alert us to possible threats, allowing us to assess them and properly respond to them. However, it can control your life when its levels are too high.

People experience anxiety in different realms in their lives. Nonetheless, when such disorder starts affecting your work or studies, it could be the beginning of a serious personal crisis that can hurt your career or even your future.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) stated that “anxiety disorders are real, serious medical conditions — just as real and serious as physical disorders such as heart disease or diabetes”. Therefore, it deserves the same attention and treatment as any other disorder. 

“When you learn to fail at something and learn that it’s ok to not have the right answers at all times, that is when your anxiety starts to become a superpower.”

It’s ok not to be ok. You might have heard this sentence a thousand times and, despite being a hackneyed phrase, the message it conveys is accurate enough to make people that are struggling with anxiety understand that this constant feeling of fear is part of our lives. However, we should not allow it to stop us from living wonderful moments or achieving goals. 

You are able to control this feeling. If you don’t think you can do it by yourself, you can find people to support you and help you overcome such a difficult obstacle in life.

 This podcast will tackle issues related to how anxiety can affect someone’s life in terms of work and studies. The show has special guest Alanna Ashley, who will share her personal experience of dealing with anxiety.

I hope you can find your inner light to get through these difficult times.


If you need professional help, there are online therapists available to assist you no matter where you are. 

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