ANTI ONE- An interview with one of Ireland’s most promising rappers

Anti-One by Phil Udell
Anti-One by Phil Udell


Anti-One by Phil Udell
Anti-One by Phil Udell

Anti-One is a rapper, vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Dublin. A jack of all trades, he’s been compared to rappers B. Dolan, Sage Francis, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, with comparisons to Beck often thrown in. More recently, his EP Alice has been noted for a wealth of influences, from modern trap music to 90s rave and house music with orchestral flourishes.

Anti- One is one Ireland’s most promising rapper. I spoke to him this week about his new single out now, how he got into the scene and his plans for the future. 

Check out his new single “Like Kanye”

“His live show is developing into quite the rap and rock noise, but Anti-One’s new EP is a more subtle, DIY electronic affair.”
State Magazine

“There was a time when people would look cock-eyed at the notion [of Irish hip-hop], thanks to artists like Anti-One, those days are becoming more and more a distant memory.”
The Sound Feed

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