Small things annoy all of us. Especially when in public

Print screen: Julie Antonsen

I am not a hater, but there are a few things I deal with on a day-to-day basis that actually annoys me a lot. Let me know if you agree!

Print screen: Julie Antonsen
Print screen: Julie Antonsen

–       Public transport: I’m aware that it’s crowded on the luas. Yes, sometimes you have to stand real close. But your hand doesn’t need to be touching my butt. Firmly. It’s the same thing if you are brave enough to go on the tube after 5 pm in London.

–       Public transport: Loud kids running around. Where are the parents?

–       Public transport: Wannabe teenagers that are not old enough to be teenagers. They yell when they talk, try and hide their bottles of alcohol and sometimes they just really want to beat on each other. I repeat, where are the parents?

–       Public restrooms – girls, we are all ladies here. Act like it, and clean up after yourself.

–       Sidewalks are made for walking. They are not there so that you can stop for five minutes, talk to your crowd and take up all the space. Move along people! Nothing to see here.

–       Speaking of sidewalks: Sidewalks with dog poop. I’m sure it’s preferable to any other kind, but would you please pick up after your dog?

–       Facebook: No, I don’t want to play candy crush. Or Farmville, or any other game.

–       Instagram: Yes, I can see that you are trying to be all healthy and thin. No, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” is bullshit. Have you ever had ice cream?