Animal Prostitution: Orangutan’s Trading in Asia and “Bestiality Brothels” in Europe

Tortured and chained orangutan. Photo: Greenpeace

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Karmele Llano, a Spanish vet who works in the Borneo Orangutan Survival (Borneo, Southeast Asia), denounced the existence of traffickers who caught female orangutans to force them into prostitution in some countries of Asia, according to the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta.

Tortured and chained orangutan. Photo: Greenpeace
Tortured and chained orangutan. Photo: Greenpeace

Llano reported the discovery of a 12 year old female orangutan named Pony, which had been completely shaved, washed, perfumed, and even had her lips painted. “Pony” was chained to a bed, to make easy and free of incidentals the abuse of the poor animal by the customers of a brothel in a village in Central Borneo (Indonesia) called Keremgpangi. They were required 30 state police officers to dislodge the brothel and rescue the animal, who is recovering now in the Bangamat river island, one of the three islands used to reintegrate the great apes which have suffered any kind of damage in their contact with humans .

Llano asserts that orangutans prostitution has become a common practice in Asian countries, especially among workers of logging companies and palm oil plantations, but she warns that it is not the only form of abuse used against orangutans: While female orangutans are tortured and prostituted, the male orangutans are used for boxing shows. In them, the animals are cheered to make them it hit both against the stands as the adversary, while the animator throw them food for every shot that hit the body of the opponent. The training for these shows can include methods such as beatings, deprivation of food, the use of shock weapons and even drugs to make the orangutans work tirelessly, according to the complaints of the organization for the protection of animals PETA

Although we understand these behaviours as uncivilized or characteristic of less-developed countries, the fact is that they also exist in Europe. Since last year some media have reported the existence of small clandestine brothels in countries like Germany and Denmark  which are especially devoted to these practices, known as “Bestiality Brothels” or “Erotic Zoos, and there are even associations that support bestiality, as ZETA.

Due to zoophilia is legal in some states of US and also in some countries of Europe , this issue is a good chance to open one more time the eternal debate in which lawyers can’t totally agree: Do animals have rights, or they don’t? Fortunately, while the question is resolved, there are many associations that fight  against the prostitution of orangutans in Asia, and in some countries like Sweden the law has been hardened to alleviate the expansion of such kind of locals.

Definitely, when you think you’ve seen everything in this life, human being manages it to surprise you again, and usually in a bad way… Because, at such displays of unnecessary, aberrant cruelty towards poor creatures who can’t defend themselves against a being who surpass them in the tools and intelligence – not in sensitivity though, an existential question arises me: who is really the beast here … The man or the animal?


Prostitución Animal: Tráfico de Orangutanes en Asia y “Burdeles Bestiality” en Europa

Karmele Llano, una veterinaria española que trabaja en la Borneo Orangutan Survival (Borneo, Southeast Asia), denunció la existencia de traficantes que capturan orangutanes hembra para ser sometidas a prostitución en algunos países de Asia, según informa el diario La Gaceta.

Tortured and chained orangutan. Photo: Greenpeace
Tortured and chained orangutan. Photo: Greenpeace

Llano denunció el hallazgo de un orangután hembra de 12 años llamada Pony, a la que habían depilado completamente, lavado y perfumado, y a la que incluso le habían pintado los labios. El animal estaba encadenado a una cama, para permitir que pudieran abusar de ella los clientes del burdel de un pueblo de Borneo central (Indonesia) llamado Keremgpangi, y fueron necesarios 30 agentes de la policia estatal para desalojar el burdel y rescatar al animal, que actualmente se recupera en la isla fluvial de Bangamat, una de las tres islas utilizadas para reinsertar a los grandes monos que han sufrido abuso en su contacto con humanos.

Llano indicó que la prostitución de orangutanes se ha hecho una práctica común en países asiáticos, especialmente entre trabajadores de empresas madereras y de plantaciones de aceite de palma, pero advierte que no es la única forma de abuso que se utiliza contra los orangutanes. Mientras que las hembras son torturadas y prostituidas, a los orangutanes macho se utilizan para realizar combates de boxeo con presunto tinte cómico. En ellos, los animales son jaleados para que se golpeen tanto desde las gradas como por el animador, que les lanza comida por cada golpe que dan en el cuerpo del adversario, y el entrenamiento puede incluir métodos como palizas, privación de comida, uso de armas eléctricas y hasta drogas para que trabajen sin descanso, según denuncia la organización para la protección de los animales PETA

A pesar de que entendemos estas prácticas como algo poco civilizado o propio de países con un desarrollo menor, lo cierto es que también existen en Europa. Ya el año pasado ciertos medios se hacían eco de la existencia de pequeños burdeles clandestinos en países como Alemania o Dinamarca que se dedican especialmente a este tipo de prácticas, conocidos como “Burdeles Bestiality” o “Erotic Zoos”, e incluso existen asociaciones en apoyo a la zoofilia como la alemana ZETA.

Dado que la zoofilia es legal en numerosos países – y no sólo en los subdesarrollados, esta cuestión es una buena oportunidad para abrir una vez más el eterno debate en el que los juristas no terminan de ponerse de acuerdo: ¿Tienen o no tienen derechos los animales? Por suerte, mientras el dilema se resuelve, existen numerosas asociaciones que luchan | contra la prostitución de los orangutanes en Asia, y en algunos países como Suecia ya se ha endurecido la ley para paliar la expansion de este tipo de locales.

Definitivamente, cuando crees que ya lo has visto todo en esta vida, el ser humano vuelve a sorprenderte, y casi siempre para mal… Porque, ante tal muestra de crueldad innecesaria y aberrante hacia unas pobres criaturas que no pueden defenderse por sí mismas frente a una especie que las supera en medios e inteligencia (pero evidentemente no en sensibilidad), a mí me surge una duda existencial: ¿Quién es realmente la bestia… El hombre, o el animal?

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  1. Bestiality should be considered a crime world wide. It is time to form a body as powerful as the UN that protects animals interest.

  2. Absolutely Appalling ~ These f’ing pieces of sub-human garbage need to be torched and blown off the map! I’m sick and tired of innocent and voiceless animals being brutally tortured and abused by this sick disgusting species of pure evil taking up space on this planet! To ALL you lawmakers out there, start earning your money, and enforce strict animal rights laws, or get out of office…it’s that simple!!! I will no longer support anyone that allows such horrific abuse to animals to continue! It’s that simple!!! Got it!!! ~ signed!

  3. My heart breaks when I see such things. How can we pretend to be the pinnacle of evolution on this planet and yet treat other species with such cruelty. It almost makes one wish for Armageddon so that those who do such things will finally face judgement.

  4. *sigh*

    First, you’re quoting the daily mail. Just don’t do that.

    It does as it always does: It spreads rumors without questioning them.

    Now two and a half years have gone by since that article and sex with animals has been made illegal in germany in the mean time. Yet Martin, who did claim to have evidence to back up her claims, has not produced any of this evidence and no actual animal brothel has been found in germany so far. PETA also claimed to have evidence for some animal brothels back then. Nothing cmae of it. Some other organizations also claimed to have evidence. Not a single one has been actually in front of a court.

    You would think, animal rights activists, who do undercover investigations all the time, would be all over animla brothels and investigate them for possible animal cruelty. But that doesn’t happen.

    There was an article in a german newspaper where someone actually looked what evidence was available. The result was: None. German article:–64112664.html

    A few years ago there was a discussion about whether to make sex with animals illegal. They had an animal ethics council look at the issue and they could not confirm the existence of any animal brothel either:

    I don’t understand why this rumor of animal brothels has been kept alive for about 10 years now without any shred of evidence.

    As for the ZETA Verein: You forgot to mention that they are strongly opposed to (the hypothetical idea of) animal brothels. For example they promote the ZETA prinziples that some people have come up with some time ago:
    A more literal translation of one of these principles is “Fight against the sexual exploitation of animals for the purpose of financial gain.” Let’s not go ahead and mention them in an article as if they had anything to do with “animal brothels”, okay?

  5. This is absolutely disgusting, no animal should have to be put through this pain and trauma. It makes me feel sick quite literally that people, no, monsters, could treat animals like this. Hope these people die a slow and painful death, cause that’s what they deserve for putting these poor, innocent and VOICELESS animals through this!!

  6. when society gets this sick the the end of time must come as there is no punishment for these people that will be good enough

  7. It is not enough that as a human race we visit horror upon each other, we now want to spread the evil virus to the most innocent and vulnerable of the creatures of the earth? What the hell has happened to the human race?

  8. Srop this horrific animal abuse! Why do the govermenents of those countries not act against the torture of defenseless animals!

  9. The treatment of these beautiful animals is disgusting and heartbreaking and abusive and SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING! The monsters that do this need locking up and prosecuting!

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