And now for something different: new websites to look at this Easter.

Website you may like Photo credit: Enokson (flickr)
Website you may like Photo credit: Enokson (flickr)

Ah the internet. Look at it. It’s gorgeous. It has become a great medium to research,  procrastinate and allow ambitious Journalism students to  get their name out there. Here are a few websites that this writer recommends to people to take a look at  if you are looking for something new.

 For Odd Film Reviews: Diarmuid and Dave’s House of Madness

We begin with the shameless self promotion. However, House of Madness is where horror and sci fi films as well as dark comedies and boxsets are reviewed in a style. as bizarre as the Addams Family. The site’s design backs that up yet David Coughlan and I  still keep the professional elements of reviews intact. As well as classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Robocop, there are also b-list movies such as Snowpiercer and Stitches that receive the notice they deserve.

horror photo credit: Elena Gatti (flickr)
photo credit: Elena Gatti (flickr)

                For Fun Podcasts: The Amazing Adventures of PTB 

Before Griff FM, Peadar Breathnach, Thiago Rebougas and Barry Kane were just aiming to get their 10% in radio under the tyranny of two producers. Today, there are they are their own producers in the podcast version of The Amazing Adventures of Peadar, Thiago and Barry. Producing quality radio content, they decided to set up this website to learn more about the men behind the mic as well as displaying their weekly show that discusses life, love and the enigma of the Kane.

To Fashion, Food and Travel: The Girl Guide

Amy Forde Grace Cooney and Aofie Carton present The Girl Guide: the top to do list for young women out there. For fashion and beauty, there is a review of the best barely there heels as well as make up and style tips. For Travel, the top 5 travel destination s are revealed as well as how to travel light. For food, there are an array of simple recipes to cook and enjoy. The floral design makes it as if was an actual list written on fancy paper.

Women Photo credit: Yasin Hassan (flickr)
Photo credit: Yasin Hassan (flickr)

For Breakfast reviews: Roll ‘n’ Breakfast

Ever wondered where to have breakfast in Dublin?  Lorcan Mullally  and Kate Morgan have got you covered at their website Roll ‘n’ Breakfast. Reviewing what cafes, delicatessens, restaurants and hotels provide the best morning meals, Roll ‘n’ Breakfast also pinpoint their location and provide the best method of travelling there. This website even provides photographs of breakfast tables tempting the idea of having breakfast the second you shut down your computer.

Breakfast photo credit: Avid Hills (flickr)
photo credit: Avid Hills (flickr)

For supporting the release of Irish Adoption papers: Release the Records

Entitled, Release the Records, Orla O Callaghan’s  and Eilis Breenan’s website is a campaign for the Government to release the Irish adoption records to the victims who suffered from illegal adoption. To help with the cause, this site contains personal stories from victims as well as the latest news on the topic with the latest being just a few days ago. With an email address and twitter page, Release the Records needs supporters for this cause. Are you one of them?

 For Disney Princesses: For Once upon a Dream 

With recent Disney hits bring out a sense of wonder and joy  Zoldy Kate Moloney, Damien Ryan and Deidre O Connor introduce a real life interpretation of that through its female protagonists in their website Once upon a Dream.  From the wedding gear similar to what Disney Princesses to if what they have diaries, it’s adds a modern twist to classic . The design added matches the tone that Disney always brings that wonder and joyous feeling.

Disney Princesses photo credit: Malik Bagci (flickr)
photo credit: Malik Bagci (flickr)

For Storytelling : Scealai

While the quintessential talent people associate with Ireland is drinking,  Sinead Dalton and Juliana Borges looks at Ireland’s real talent which is literature and storytelling. As well as quoting Yeats, Scealai talks about storytellers and storytelling events as well as offering stories from folklorists to broaden ones mind away. The fact that the design the design is similar to old parchment adds a touch of class to this site.

Storytelling photo credit: kodmut (flickr)
photo credit: kodomut (flickr)

 What do you think about these websites or do wish to add another student site to recommend? Comment below to your opinion.  After that is one of the benefits of the internet.

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