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Anase’s Book Club

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels.

Photo by Ichad Windhiagiri from Pexels

I noticed I started reading more since the Coronavirus pandemic started.  It helped me feel better about what the world has become. I believe a lot of people like me have been reading more since the lockdown started. I decided to create a board on Pinterest in which I would be posting books i have read and those i am reading at the moment. I would love people to share with me the books they also recommend and have read so far since the Coronavirus pandemic started .  I have read different genres of books since the lockdown started from fiction, business, self-help books to mention a few. Books I have finished reading so far since the lockdown  include:

Self -help and Motivational books: 

What a time to be Alone: This book is by Chidera Eggerue. She is also known as the Slumflower. The author wants readers to know that being alone is perfectly fine.  It is also very engaging with readers and talks about friendships, relationships. The book also talks about setting boundaries and identifying what is good for you.


Girl,Woman and Other

This book won  the 2019 Booker Prize Award. I highly recommend the book to people. It focuses on the live of 12 characters in the United Kingdom over the course of several decades. It talks and identifies issues of race , sexuality ,gender and economic stratification . 


The Greatest salesman in the world 

This book serves as a guide if you want to be more successful and learn more about salesmanship. The Ten scrolls discussed in the book have helped me get through some problems I have faced in life.

You can check out my board on Pinterest at .Do not hesitate to message me about books you have been reading also.

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