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An online course with a difference!

A unique method of learning has been introduced in Dublin,that is The Online Learning and Teaching Course.This Online Teaching was meant to introduce participants to a new method of strategic thinking and strategic design thinking using the on-line method.

The course was conducted by the founder of The Strategic Design Hub Stefano Messori .The course participants were from different backgrounds;some unemployed, former teams and aspiring businessman and women, trainer Stefano Messori highlighted to them that he came up with the Strategic Design Hub so that he could deliver his courses online .He says the platform is focused on individuals, organisations as well as with start-ups through online learning and group facilitation sessions. Messori pointed out that he encourages managers to challenge their current understanding of their work and the mental models they have created to explain reality.

Mr Messori`s  online course invites participants to take part in conversations about entrepreneurship and its purpose in society. Another aim to start the online course was that he realised that students who take up courses online are more committed as compared to those that undergo video Conferencing or those that are taught by lectures at colleges or universities.

“Lectures at Colleges and Universities duplicate what they have read from their own books and impart it on students, there is no connection, but with my online courses I emphasise on empathy, he says .Messori emphasised to the course participants that for one to launch a platform to teach online courses, they have to have a skill to connect with the student, so that the student can always return. Messori says, The learning process enables the student to be an active participant of their community.

Messori urged his learners not to be afraid of making mistakes if they want to start up their own online platforms ,hence they need to have in-depth knowledge of whatever they want to sell online. Platforms such as Massive Online Open Courses, LOOM, and Camtasia helped him grow his skills as a Design Strategist and Cooperate Trainer which has in turn led to the launch of Strategic Design Hub. Once his platform was launched, Messori confessed that,“it was not easy at first,fear and excuses not to record tutorials for the online course was a setback”. 

He mentioned to his students that he had to overcome that by practising his voice overs, undertaking power point presentations, writing down his scripts and rehearsing over them until  he was prefect.

Messori also reiterated the importance of a good presentation in terms of animation and music once they have launched their platforms.

“You also have to have confidence that the videos you will produce will not be for everyone, so you have to take confidence in that not everyone will subscribe to them”,says Mr Messori.

He further encouraged participants to start up their own You Tube Channels and also gave them names of other platforms to sell their products on as, and



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