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An online community for sunset admirers

Pic Credits: Rupali Ovhal

An Instagram community page called ‘sunset_slambook’ has been recently launched for those who admire watching sunset. It is a community page which invites individuals to share their best sunset picture along with anecdotes of their favourite sunset moment.

The page which was launched yesterday has already started to receive good response from Instagram users. The community page reposted few sunset pictures which it received from the users.
Permission received to share the repost

Research shows that sunsets have many psychological effects that enhance the long-lasting satisfaction of in life and physical benefits and have been proven to relieve stress.
Permission acquired for repost

There is something very powerful and spiritual about sunsets. It is said if powerful feelings emerge as you witness the sunset, you know you have connected to something invisible and spiritual that can heal and illuminate.

In recent times there is a significant rise of online communities. An online/web/internet community is a community of like-minded individuals connected through similar interests who share thoughts or anecdotes with each other. The culture of online community is getting very popular and there is an escalated level of engagement amongst members of such communities.

If sun gazing gives you a high or you like capturing the beauty of sunset and have a story to share you can follow Sunset_Slambook on Instagram. If the admin likes the picture you shared tagging the community page, your click will be featured on the official community page.

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