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An Irish Legend: Jonathan Swift

Andrew Smith is Education Officer of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the cathedral is welcoming people warmly and let you think about Swift, still he is the part of this cathedral. The 9 am service deeply influence emotions and the cathedral intensify it.

@selinbaykara St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Jonathan Swift was an Anglo-Irish author, poet, a protestant priest, secretary of the diplomat Sir William Temple. Andrew Smith said “Swift is the most difficult person to name with a word. We can say, provocateur, complicated.” His best-known novels are ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (1726) and ‘A Modest Proposal’ (1729). Mr. Smith, “James Joyce described Swift as the greatest satirist in English Language.” His works show the power of satire, metaphor, sarcasm, and comedy. Mr. Smith, “A generation inspired by Jonathan Swift and still gives inspiration all around the world.”


@selinbaykara , St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  


Jonathan Swift has legacy on mental health. He changed his will and donated his all money to defining a new hospital, St. Patrick’s Hospital. It is the first mental health hospital in Ireland. He is a difficult person to pin down to one area.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the third busiest tourist attraction in Dublin. Mr. Smith claims that every day they are welcoming the tourists.

Mr. Smith, ”I found that once you have introduced Jonathan Swift to people, they want to find out more, almost falling in love with his character. He is such an interesting, provocateur person with so many talents.”

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