An interview with Detroit Swindle: The Delightful Dutch Duo


Detroit Swindle is comprised of Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets the house music DJs, which originated out of the hot bed of electronic music that is Amsterdam.  The duo’s moniker implies that the pair originated out of Detroit motor city’s known as the birthplace of House music and Motown. The primary reason behind the pair’s decision to name themselves Detroit Swindle, is due to their love for Motown and the sounds which resonated with them from a young age.

The main influence behind their love for Motown was due to Marvin Gaye’s silky voice singing about the sign of the times accompanied by signature Afro-American rhythms. The lust to bring a variety of genres and infuse them with house inevitably has led to a very unique and experimental sound seducing in many ways.

The inclusion of Swindle in the duo’s name is clearly understandable as the pair add “You can never grasp everything that has influenced you. Even Britney Spears probably influenced us in some (weird) way. So there, ‘it’s Britney bitch.” The duo’s satire and playful banter symbolises the great energy these two characters possess. The charisma and energy of these Dutch born DJs is electric and transfers from their sets to the on looking crowd.

The duo’s exposure to House music from an early age and a similar musical upbringings was the perfect platform, as their whole life began to drastically change upon a friends email to Huxley of their demo. While Maarten was studying at university he was programming and producing events for a famous Dutch organization called Electronation, although the acts which he liked to book got the least response from the crowd.

After five years of being a promoter he was fed up and went into advertising while also Djing at Club More, where Lars was in charge of booking the DJs. Club More allowed Lars and Maarten to discuss their likes and dislikes, although the foundations for the act Detroit Swindle came out of an unfortunately awkward conversation between the duo. So although the pair had very similar music taste Lars had to express that Maarten was too deep for Club More even though he loved the music Lars had to basically sack Maarten.

Despite all the hype and their persistent and rise towards stardom the duo don’t allow their feet to come off the ground, explaining; “Every gig, every track we make, every country we visit is another milestone for us. We try to always keep that in mind, it helps keeping your feet on the ground. As Frankie Knuckles used to say: ‘The minute you think you are bigger than the music, you are finished’”

The duo stated their admiration and preference for the Irish music scene “Ireland is definitely one of our favourite countries to play. The people seem to enjoy the music very sincerely, there’s no filter or attitude. We’re the same in our personalities, so that’s why we probably hit it off from the start.”

Although the duo are touring and working in the studio on new ideas they also find time to manage their record label, Heist Recordings. The pair express their happiness to have a great distributor and the chance to release music they really love as the main perks, although not being able to sign even more music is the biggest restriction.

After expressing their opinion on Ireland’s music scene they started to give an insight into some of their most memorable gigs “We played Johannesburg, South Africa. This was by far, the craziest thing we’ve done since we’ve started. 1200 ecstatic house heads on a Jozi rooftop knowing every song we played by heart! It’s a pleasure to play for these kind of crowds. Our live set in Panoramabar and our DJ set in Le Bain, NYC are 2nd and 3rd on the list.”


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