An Insiders Guide to Hamburg for Irish Students

Hamburg - Photo Credit: Marius Brede (Flickr)
Hamburg - Photo Credit: Marius Brede (Flickr)

In many years Hamburg has been totally overlooked by the majority of travellers. Some might say that the city is bleak and boring, but that’s not true according to the locals Lisa Heilemann and Lisa Marquard.

Hamburg - Photo Credit: Marius Brede (Flickr)
Hamburg – Photo Credit: Marius Brede (Flickr)

Hamburg is a vibrant metropolis in the very north of Germany, that wows with its bustling port, a wide range of cultural activities, urban green spaces and great shopping. From the Speicherstadt, the world´s largest continuous warehouse, over the legendary Reeperbahn to the HafenCity, Europe´s largest inner city renewal project, Hamburg has very much to offer to its visitors

Pro Tips from native Germans to Irish students:

  • Eating bread rolls with fish, curry wurst and Franzbrötchen is obligatory when visiting Hamburg.
  • It’s customary to tip a minimum of 10% if you’re happy with the service.
  • (Un)written law in Hamburg: locals avoid crossing the road on red lights. Do the same to avoid some funny looks.
  • Wear comfy shoes – there is a lot of walking on cobbled pavement ahead of you.

Hippest hostel for Irish students

“The Generator Hostel has a great location directly in the city centre beside the central station. You will meet a lot of people from different countries here, and the hostel has a really hip design and is modern and fancy. It is not the chipest, but it is definitely good value for the money.”

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Best place to go get your beer and dance your ass off.

“There are some really cool bars in the “Schanze” area. Particularly Gold Fisch Glas. In the weekends it is really full of life.”

Pro tip: You should order a Holsten or Becks.

Another district you might go for if you are an Irish student is the St. Pauli area. “When we talk about Hamburg we have to talk about the St. Pauli area. There are some really good nightclubs there you just have to try. The locals as well as tourist party her.

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Best place to grab a coffee and a bite.

“Campus Suite is a good one. They have healthy smooties and also a lot of other really good food for good prices. Café May is another good café. They have really good and healthy food. It is a relaxed atmosphere and there are lot of students.

Schweinske and Einstein are good restaurants to try out if you are an irish student. They have a lot of different various dishes and the food is really good. It is also very cheap for students.”

Things you definitely should do.  

When you come to Hamburg you have to go to Reeperbahn in St Pauli.  When you see the street you understand why you have to go there. Other cool things to do in Hamburg is to go to the Port and the Hafencity, it is a port city with a lot of restaurants and bars. It is very modern and expensive, but it is worth having a look anyways.

Speicherstadt is also a really good place to go. It is the city of warehouses, it is actually  a part of the world’s cultural heritage.

You should also take a stroll around Alster which is a river, but it actually looks like it is the sea in the middle of the city. It is really nice in the summer.

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If you have 24 hours in Hamburg here are the locals tips of what you should do. 

Start the day by having breakfast in the cosy café Omas Apotheke in the Schanze area.

After breakfast  you should go to the city centre to do some shopping in the Mönckebergstrasse and the Europa Passage.

For Lunch you should go to Alex café in the city centre right beside the Jungfernstieg. Try the delicious burger. The restaurant has a good view and is not too expensive.

After lunch you should go to the port for a walk, and when you are hungry again you should definitely try the Fischbrötchen, it is a really delicious fish sandwich, if you like fish you should try it.

In the evening you should go to a bar (If you are a true Irish we do not have to tell you this). First go to a bar in Schanze and then to Reeperbahn.

Hamburg - Photo Credit: Karsten Planz (Flickr)
Hamburg – Photo Credit: Karsten Planz (Flickr)

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