An Insiders Guide to Copenhagen for Irish Students

Copenhagen - Photo credit: Moyan Brenn (Flickr)
Copenhagen - Photo credit: Moyan Brenn (Flickr)

Copenhagen is often referred to as the coolest kid on the Nordic block. A little bit more edgy than Stockholm and a bit more urban than Oslo. Even though the city has no glittering skylines and hardly any of the high the skyscrapers, Katrín Aagestad Gunnarsdóttir assures us not to be put off by its small size – the city offers an amazing array of opportunities for an unforgettable stay. 

Copenhagen - Photo credit: Dorli Photography (Flickr)
Copenhagen – Photo credit: Dorli Photography (Flickr)

Hippest hostel for Irish students.

“In my opinion the hippest hostel in Copenhagen is Woodah Hostel. They are allocated in Vestebro very close to the centre. It’s ideal for people traveling on budget but I would also stay there even if money weren’t an issue. They have this urban atmosphere going on. Their Café is nice and they have music and various events going on. They offer free yoga classes for all guests. They focus on local, organic and sustainable products (like mostly everybody in Copenhagen now a days). You can even volunteer there in exchange for free accommodation.”

Best place to go get your beer and dance your ass off.

“I would go to one of the local breweries; Nørrebro Bryghus on Ryesgade is my very favourite. They have various beers, some that are standard and other that are seasonal. If you are having problems deciding what beer to have they let you taste and they explain to you what every beer is like. In the same street you have Kind Of Blue, a little cosy bar with jazz music. Other places I can recommend is Mikkeller & Friends, very nice local beer and great atmosphere, they have a copule of bars around in Copenhagen.”

“If you want to go out and dance you should definitely go to Kødbyen. It’s an area filled with bars, clubs and restaurants. It used to be a meatpacking district but now it has a new purpose and is filled with hip places. Places worth mentioning if you feel you have the need to dance your troubles away are Jolene, Bakken and Mesteren & Lærlingen.”

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Hipster tips in Copenhagen. 

“My newest finding is an ice cream place that opened in my street recently. It’s on Elmegade in Nørrebro and it is called Nicecream. The ice cream is vegan, gluten free, handmade and organic. It can’t get more hipster than that. They have crazy combinations of flavours. My personal favourite is the raspberry-liquorice popsicle, the acai bowl is also delicious. Nørrebro is the mekka of hipsters, you could sit down with your ice cream and play a game I often play, it’s called ‘Hipster or Homeless’. But it’s quite nice to sit down and look at the people walking by, so many different styles going on and people are not afraid to be a bit different.”

Beste place to get a bite.

“If you like raw food you should to go to Simple Raw. They have two locations, one in Vesterbro and another in the centre. The food is amazing, especially the brunch plate, there you get a little bit of everything.

If you are looking for good cheap food go to Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen. So many nice places there with reasonable prices. It’s just an experience to got there, and the food is great. It’s also nice if you are many people traveling together and you’re in the mood for different things. ”

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If you have 24 hours in Copenhagen here are the locals tips of what you should do. 

“If you are a student I assume you like beer. So it is a good idea to do a beer tasting in the Carlsberg factory.

Torvehallerne is also a nice place to see. It’s a market allocated next to Nørreport St. and it is like a food market. You can go around and taste different things and they have great food stalls there, cafés, fresh meet and fish and so many things.

Tivoli is also a cool place. Over the summer they have free concerts every Friday.

For dinner there are multiple options but I would go to Kødbyen and start the night with a dinner at Mother. Mother is an Italian place with the best pizza you will ever taste, pair it with a nice wine and you have the perfect start of the evening.

If you are in the mood for something fancy there is a place nearby called Fiskebaren (e. The Fishbar), ridiculously good food there.

Then I would just find a nice bar in Kødbyen and then head to Jolene. There are also a few music venues so I would check if there are any nice concerts going on, check Pumpehuset or Vega. Then you should be all set.”

Copenhagen - Photo credit: Moyan Brenn (Flickr)
Copenhagen – Photo credit: Moyan Brenn (Flickr)

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