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An Immigrant Soulmate!

For most of the readers this article will be a normal, routine and common thing. Nothing out of the ordinary here. But for me and for people like me, it is awkward and something out of a movie scene. But it happens here and it is very normal, people get married regardless of their age and previous marital status and family orientation. Which is new for me and very beautiful.

So, I have received a wedding reception invitation. And Mary (the Bride to be) is a 44 years old woman and this is her second marriage. Which is wonderful, this is how life should be. She got married for the first time when she was 17. A good, loyal and loving wife. Then she entered the next phase of her life, she became a mother, mother of 3 sons and a beautiful daughter. Life went on and bad things happened. One day she found out that her husband is cheating on her. She decided to stay quiet for the sake of her children and the beautiful life they built together.

But one day, when Mary confronted him, things got ugly and they decided to split up. Her sons didn’t support her. Just like that, they decided that their peace of mind is more important than hers which is why she should live with it and not leave their father and home. But her daughter was with her, she supported her and decided to leave with her. Both mother and daughter left the house.

Love is there, all is.

Those 3 sons moved on and that Man brought his girlfriend home and they all started a new life, like nothing ever happened. But that woman, who was just a 17 years old girl, who built her world with that man and that house she called home which was her shield, it was all gone. She didn’t know what to do and how to start a new life now, who to trust and who to rely upon? With all these questions, she came to a conclusion. And the conclusion was to trust your own self, only.

So, she decided to do all those things she never thought about doing before. She got into college, completed her degree, got a job, learned how to drive, got her own car and enjoyed this freedom which she didn’t know before that she had the right to do all this. Little did she know the world is full of heartless people with their fancy words and fake promises. Another man approached her, depicted a beautiful picture of life and a promising future. They lived together for almost 2 years and when she told him that she is pregnant, he left her. He just left. And again, it was another hard decision to make, that too all by herself. She did make another decision, she had another beautiful daughter.

No matter how many bad experiences you have, time has this magical power of healing your wounds and giving new hopes. And time healed her wounds too. With new hopes and firm belief in happy endings, she finally found what she was missing all her life. But then another problem jumps in “Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services” because her soulmate is an immigrant, it took the immigration services 2 years to approve of their love and a right to live a happily ever after. And now finally, she along with her 2 beautiful daughters, is planning and shopping, she’s trying on beautiful wedding dresses because she’s getting married in 2 weeks.


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