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An Afternoon with 103 year old: Mrs. Ann Byrne

Mrs. Byrne has lived a fascinating life. At the age of 103, she has experienced life during WWII in London, travelled all over the world, was recalled the first person in Ireland to own a tape recorder and to date, is the oldest graduate of the National University Galway.

Old Ireland
Photo Credit: Simon Davidson – FLICKR

It’s safe to say we all wish we could live until one hundred. Indeed it’s a significant age and an achievement to live that long.

Lets just take a minute to imagine you living 100 years on earth. The memories you would have made, the people you would have met but most importantly you would have gotten to witness society changing each year.

Age is precious. It’s something we all have to deal with, it’s apart of life – that’s why we have to make each day count.

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President Michael D. Higgins with Mrs. Byrne. Photo Credit: The Longford Leader Archive

Mrs Byrne, a local Longford woman, has truly lived life to the fullest. At an incredible age, Mrs. Byrne takes The Circular down a trip through memory lane.

In the short lighthearted conversation with Mrs. Byrne, she goes on to tell us the true remedy of aging alongside her own life experiences and personal memories.

Interview by Hayley Doherty

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