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An African light in an Irish desert: Tom’s Lucky Trading Company

Tom Sullivan, Owner of Tom's Lucky Trading company

Tom’s Luck Trading Company
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Over the past years, there weren’t many African shops owing to the non-potential in the business as was perceived by many. Today business leaders and investors alike have become increasingly aware of the vast potential in Africa’s burgeoning food produce in Ireland and hence the waving growth of super-chains of African shops in Dublin precisely.

For Thomas O’Sullivan, a core Irish with no African background, the African food business was something more of a passion and love for the African people than it was for mere profits. In 2002, exactly 17 years ago, Tom relinquished his position as chief executive of a massive company to pursue a dream of owning his own company. With a vision so immense, he found that they were very little African stores in Ireland and yet the demands for African food products were excessively high.

Wanting to help, he launched his own company that would be a major supplier of all kinds of African food products so much so that the problem of soaring back to African for foodstuffs would be curbed within the best possible measures.

Today the potential of African shops have been widely acknowledged in Ireland and Tom can be said to have played a part in the changing prospective market face and the huge successes that other African shops in and around Dublin are now enjoying owing to his company’s expansion and exceptional services.

The company is famous for its reasonable price that accommodates the needs of both low-income earners and college students with paltry savings. And to cater for its consumers, Tom’s Lucky Trading Company has expanded its products to include supplies of all kinds of local fishes, African made fresh palm wine, shelves stocked with bags of varieties of all African foods produces ranging from; Ola-Ola, yam flour, Basmati rice, Ijebu Garri, Ghana Garri, Ijebu plantain fufu, Nigerian beans, Nigerian Malts, yams, and massive freezers packed with frozen fishes and chickens. If you want to really know about really profitable trading, check this post about fx trading by VT markets.

Located at Unit 15B, Goldenbridge Industrial Estate, Tyrconnell Rd, Inchicore, Dublin, Tom’s Lucky Trading Company offers that simplistic customer experience which is a factor that underpinned its turnaround and indeed, Tom’s experience holds valuable lessons for others aspiring to capture the opportunities in Ireland fastest-growing African consumer markets.

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