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Alyantte – A Twitch Star is Born

Emote Drawing of herself by Alya Ozbek

Twitch is the new YouTube some might say. But… what makes Twitch popular these days? And how can one be famous just going live while doing things?

Twitch is a platform where users can stream live while playing a videogame such as Valorant, League of Legends, Counter Strike and many more. If you are interested in playing videogames it is highly enjoyable to watch other people playing it, learning their tactics to win or even just to see their reactions during the gameplay. This platform not only allows them to watch users play games but also to do whatever they want. 

So many people did not know what to do after facing weeks of lockdown for the first time in their lives. People looked for hobbies and entertainment to spend their excessive time. But how many people got famous doing something they just started to pass the time? This podcast is a twitch streamer’s 5-month journey that led her to fame. We are discovering the things Alya Ozbek (a Turkish Twitch streamer) did right and climbed the ladders of fame in only a couple of months and let her tell her story. 

She reached success in a little amount of time. There aren’t many streamers who get to be successful in such short amount of time. Moreover, in a country where a lot of video games are played, you won’t be able to see as much female games as male gamers. Therefore, Alya is not only a female gamer but also a streamer. People enjoy watching her play games.

She is answering my questions in her pure honesty and talking to us about all the curious parts of the Twitch world.—A-Turkish-Twitch-Star-e1194jr
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